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We are Tectyl, Born to Protect

Atualizado: 20 de ago. de 2021

Al’Kim Químicos was founded in 2011 aiming to revolutionise the industry of corrosion prevention.

We treat corrosion through simply by avoiding it. 2020 gave us a learning opportunity. We expanded our business in the areas of oil and wind energy exploration. We are evermore present in the auto industry.

We expanded our participation in the marine, autoparts, and metallurgical industries. We are protect aircrafts from the most important airlines in Brazil. We created a new line of products for the agricultural industry and its tractors and implements. We are committed to supply our clients with quality highly efficient products.

Products that can be found in 6 continents of the globe. And this makes Tectyl a brand known worldwide for its quality. The COVID-19 pandemic had an unprecedented impact, but it taught us that change should be constant and permanent. We learnt that, just like corrosion, any problem should be avoided. Just like corrosion.

We have to be strong and protect ourselves.

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